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Debra Carr was born in New Jersey and raised in the town memorialized by William Carlos Williams in his famous poem Patterson. She received her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from William Paterson University. As an undergraduate her creative energy was divided between political activism and conceptual art. As a result of these activities, she was chosen as one of the most outstanding women in American Colleges. Subsequent to graduation financial realities pressed her into the corporate world but she never stopped painting. Her business career was stimulating and eventually provided international travel and financial success. However, the stress of splitting herself between two different worlds became damaging to her health. She made the difficult decision, left her business career, and began once again to make art full time. She has since studied at The Art Students League, School of Visual Art, National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts, New Jersey School for the Visual Arts, duCret School of the Arts and privately with renowned portrait artist Paul W. McCormack. Ms. Carr’s paintings are held in private collections across the country.


Debra Carr

Fine Art

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